Montale Honey Aoud Eau De Parfum


Montale Honey Aoud by Montale Perfume. Montale Honey Aoud features a long-lasting, East-inspired aroma for both men and women. It sprays on sweet and fruity and emits pleasant notes of honey and florals. As it settles, the fragrance warms into an inviting blend of vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, Sumatra patchouli leaf, black leather, and Laotian oud. With a subtle smoky essence, this is an exotic choice for a variety of occasions.

Montale Parfums began manufacturing scents for men and women in 2003. One of several oud-based products, this fragrance was introduced in 2015. Oud, a natural resin from the agarwood tree, is revered in the East for its aphrodisiacal qualities and has helped launch the brand into the international market. In fact, this dedicated perfume line was the first of its kind in France. The sleek aluminum bottle is a visual complement to the contents inside and is purposefully designed to protect the essence from light exposure.

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