Escentric Molecules 01 100ml Edt


Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules Cologne. Escentric 01 was released in 2006 as a man’s fragrance that focuses on one scent note – an aroma molecule created in the lab and referred to as Iso Super E. There are other notes backing up the signature scent, but they aren’t the focal point. The fragrance opens with lime peel for tartness, iris and pink pepper for a bit of spice. The central notes are of balsam, orris and incense behind the core scent that has a fresh, woody accord. This is a subtle but distinctive fragrance that will bloom over time for a slightly different character on each person. It has a moderate sillage and will last for hours.

Escentric Molecules famously created a complete line of fragrance pairs for men and women that rely on lab created molecules for the central note in each fragrance. Each fragrance pair includes one that contains a variety of accords and one that contains only a single, created scent molecule.

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