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    Calvin Klein Euphoria


    Euphoria by Calvin Klein Perfume. How to describe Euphoria by Calvin Klein? The adjectives you hear describing CK Euphoria most often include “exotic,” “romantic,” “sexy,” “seductive,” and “sensual.” The woody, oriental scent has notes of pomegranate, black violet, black orchid, and mahogany. The subtle lotus blossom and persimmon notes add another layer of depth and exotic mystique to Calvin Klein Euphoria. This is the fragrance for stepping out on a date you don’t want to forget. Or wear a little bit on those humdrum workday mornings, when you wake up craving an extra boost of femininity.

    The bottle is just as exotic and innovative as the scent itself, making Euphoria perfume a sleek and stark aesthetic addition to any dressing table. If you’re shopping for a gift, this is the scent to pick for a woman who loves enticing, fun, and seductive fragrances. The pomegranate, black orchid, and mahogany also reveal liquid amber, champaca flower, and green notes underneath.

    Floral and fruity with woody base notes, Calvin Klein Euphoria attracts a following among women of all ages. When wearing Calvin Klein Euphoria, women typically find that a strong and confident initial spritz of scent gives way to a lighter and more subtle scent that’s every bit as creamy and exotic.

    The Calvin Klein perfume Euphoria was initially released by Calvin Klein in 2005, and it quickly earned the attention of reviewers, winning several awards in the first few years of its popularity. Rivaling the huge successes of Calvin Klein One just more than a decade earlier, Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume established itself for its staying power. Today, Euphoria continues to win over devoted wearers more than a decade after its introduction. The word “euphoria” refers to bliss or ecstasy. The history of the word can be traced to the Greeks, who used it to describe the revived sensation of returned health after illness. Similarly, Euphoria perfume brings a reviving frisson of seductive fragrance.

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