Valentino Valentina Pink 50ml Eau De Parfum


Valentina Pink by Valentino Perfume. Valentina Pink is an exciting, decadent floral scent released in 2015. Its fruity and floral scents are delightful and feminine without succumbing to traditional expectations. It opens in a juicy burst of blackberry musk and strawberry. The middle notes are very rosy: California rose, rose buds, May rose and peony make up a heady floral tone. The deep, warm base is made up of amber, pralines and cashmere. The base contrasts with the sweet fruity floral notes that make up the rest of the perfume, adding a touch of sensuality and mystery.

This scent comes in a gorgeous opaque bottle with a rose shape unfurling from the bottle’s body. The Valentino brand is a renowned Italian fashion house founded in 1959. Beginning in 1978, it expanded its offerings to include high-end fragrances in collaboration with some of the finest perfumers in the industry. It has released 35 luxurious perfumes since then.