Nasomatto Baraonda 30ml Eau De Parfum


Nasomatto Baraonda by Nasomatto Perfume. Nasomatto Baraonda is a decadent blend of alcoholic and woody accords. Introduced in 2016, this fragrance is mysterious and alluring, perfect for a woman who wants to keep her audience guessing and wondering. The perfume opens with a little bit of sweetness, most like from rose notes. The heart of the fragrance is pure whiskey, an unconventional note, but one that manages to be unapologetic yet light. Other notes in this fragrance include musk, musk mallow, ambroxan and woods, creating another layer of scent that is woody, smoky and spicy. This perfume is not for everyone, but for those who do like it, it is an ecstatically seductive and thrillingly sensual experience.

Nasomatto is an Amsterdam-based fragrance line that was started by renowned perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri in 2007. Gualtieri, who has a reputation for his outlandish ideas, does not release any information about the notes of these fragrances, instead describing them in vague but imaginative descriptions.

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