Molecule 02 100ml Edt


Molecule 02 by ESCENTRIC MOLECULES Perfume. Molecule 02 is a musky fragrance made for both women and men. Originally released in 2008, this unique perfume is unlike any other on the market. The fragrance opens with a citric-floral blend of mandarin and iris, thrilling the nose with a sweet tang. Middle notes of tonic, clary sage, hedione, gin, and elder flower extract widen the olfactory spectrum with earthy delight, enhancing the notes that came before but paving the way for the notes that follow. The scent finishes with heavy notes of vetiver, ambroxan, moscone, and cedar wood, bringing the fragrance to a rich and pleasing finish.

Helmed by perfumer Geza Schoen, Escentric Molecules is a German perfume house that specializes in perfumes containing large concentrations of the molecule “Iso E Super.” Originally intended to be a niche designer, the launched its first Iso E Super-based perfume in 2006 to great acclaim. It’s continued to release fragrances based on the unique molecule clusters, as recently as 2017.

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