Mancera Lemon Line 120ml Eau De Parfum


Mancera Lemon Line by Mancera Perfume. Mancera Lemon Line is a tartly scented fusion of citrus and aromatic accords. Introduced in 2014, this fragrance is crisp and invigorating and is appropriate for both women and men. It opens with the sublime age-old combination of citrus and lavender. Zesty lemon and orange and herbal lavender give way to more sweetness in the heart of white flowers, geranium and amber. The tangy lemon, too, adopts a sweeter presence. The fragrance closes with a deep earthiness from notes of musk and oakmoss that contrast delightfully with the sweet lemony scent that pervades the perfume.

Mancera is a French perfume house that was founded in 2008. Pierre Montale and his daughter Amelie are at the helm of this line that is inspired by the rich perfumes of the East, along with the clean geometric visuals of the Art Deco period. Based in Paris, the company has a boutique inside the Montale Parfums store in the city and is distributed worldwide.

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