Juliette Has A Gun Sunny Side Up Eau De Parfum


Sunny Side Up by Juliette Has A Gun Perfume. Sunny Side Up was introduced in 2017. It is described by the brand as ‘happy therapy – to enlighten your day and lift up your mind’. The top notes are enticing and consist of amyris, vanilla absolute and jasmine lactone. The heart notes are floral and include jasmine sambac, iris butter and sandalwood and the base notes are salicylate, ambrette and iso e super.

Romano Ricci is a French perfumer and the grandson of the designer Nina Ricci. He worked with many perfume makers before launching his own company, Juliette Has a Gun, in 2006. The philosophy of the label is that the character from Shakespeare’s play can be both romantic and liberated and her weapon is the perfume she wears. The bottle for this fragrance is white with a bright yellow top. The name of the brand is in big black letters with the name of the scent in smaller, yellow writing underneath.


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